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Date: 2015-03-14 Views:2255

1. No picture display
Possible reason: Bad connection of Power Cable or Video Cable;
Solution: have a check of cable connections, make sure there is no short circuit and broken.
Possible reason: Defected installation of lens and IR Cut;
Solution: Make sure lens and CCD Board clean, Auto iris lens control cable is well connected, if lens is auto iris Check whether OSD display well, if yes, prove that mainboard is ok. Then default setting and make sure ir cut installed properly.
Possible reason: board burning;
Solution: Open camera to check if theres any burn or smell, take pictures for confirm.
2. Showing unclear pictures
Possible reason: weaken because of too long distance or disturbed by outside environment;
Solution: The first solution: using optical transceiver to transport video and take appropriate transmission distance, avoiding strong electronic disturb and some other outside source of interference.
Possible reason: Wrong TV system;
Solution: The second solution: connecting DVR to judge the TV system, If it meet present TV system of DVR well, it is OK, If not, Change a new and correct one.
Possible reason: Touch failure of the video interface;
Solution: The third solution: Check the video interface loose or not, if not, replace the good video cable.
Possible reason: Setting OSD unreasonable;
Solution: Click OSD menu,reset the camera from original factory.
3. DVR&IPC-Internet access problem
Possible reason: Bad connection of power or internet cable
Solution: Check the cable and port ,and make sure there is no short-circuit and broken.
Possible reason: Internet access problem;
Solution: Make sure the internet work well. Eliminate if there is any problem from internet cable; leading by the PC virus , until PC can communicat via Ping.
Possible reason: The IP address is occupied by other device;
Solution: Disconnect the connect of video server and internet, and connect the video server and PC individual. And reset the IP address according to proper operation recommended.
Possible reason: IP address in different subnet;
Solution: Check the setting of the IP address of server, subnet mask address and gateway.
Possible reason: Web port alteration;
Solution: Get the port information form webmaster.
Possible reason: Uknown;
Solution: Default setting. Re-set and get the default IP and password from the user manual.And make sure your computer and camera in the same network segment.
4. DVR cant login in
Possible reason: password lost;
Solution: Get super password from factory or to reset.
Possible reason: abnormal start-up;
Solution: Check whether the power ,HDD or CD-ROM these peripheral devices are operating well.
Possible reason: unknown;
Solution: contact with the after-sales department for solution.
5. PTZ can not control
Possible reason: Bad connection of RS485;
Solution: check the connection of the two corewire such as loose connection , or reverse connection.
Possible reason: incorrect PTZ protocol;
Solution: Our products support POLCO-D and POLCO-P protocol . plz set the right PTZ protocol ,address bit and baud bit.
Possible reason: unknown;
Solution: contact with after-sales department for solution.