ADJ-6060 series Intelligent Monitor Jammer System

ADJ-6060 series Intelligent Monitor Jammer System
  • ADJ-6060 series Intelligent Monitor Jammer System
  • ADJ-6060 series Intelligent Monitor Jammer System
  • ADJ-6060 series Intelligent Monitor Jammer System
  • ADJ-6060 series Intelligent Monitor Jammer System
  • ADJ-6060 series Intelligent Monitor Jammer System



Especially for prisons and other large sensitive locations such as military or governmental

compounds. It can also use in Oil and Gas Storage Facilities and fields, Security Services,

Military Units, Secret Services, Museums, Border Patrol and Drug Enforcement, Customs,

etc. - Remote Control on any PC, Cell phone, or iPad with web base (Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge) to Turn each jammer, each Band or the whole jammer system ON/OFF, VSWR Alarm in a wireless setup (RF module)

Advantages and Features

1.     The output power is adjustable via internet by PC, Cell phone or iPad ((Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge). Any frequency channel / module can be adjustable or ON/OFF

2.     Each unit can have 4-10 bands / modules simultaneously

3.     System Architecture use cloud server, data is stored in the cloud. It is remote control and centralized management platform which cloud be used all over the country and all over the world

4.     With Ethernet / Internet Controlled, Wireless data Transmission interface or RS485 wired remote control, make the engineer network setting more flexible

5.     Real-time monitor equipment working condition

6.     Record query, log query

7.     Authority management system could set different levels browser window

8.     Jammer fault alarming system and can email notification alarm information

9.     Each Module can be ON/OFF and work independently

10. Selection of antennas to provide more flexibility regarding jamming coverage

11. UPS and battery backup in case of mains power failure

Specification : ADJ-6066: 6 Bands 100W each Band


5.8GHz:50W WiFi 11.a

2400-2500MHz :100W

WiFi 11.b,g & Buletooth


GPS L1 + Glonass L1 + GALILEO : E1 + BeiDou B1 Freq


GPS L2 + Glonass L2 + BeiDou B3 Freq + GALILEO:E6 GPS L5 + BeiDou B2 + GALILEO: E5 + E5A, + GALILEO :E5B

433MHz 100W

868-912MHz 100 W

Total Output Power: 550W

Power Supply

AC220V/ 110V DC27-28V

Jamming Range

1000-3000 Meters for Omni Antennas,

3000-8000 Meters Higher Gain Directional Antennas


24 hrs / 7 days a week

Power Adjust

Multilevel Adjust by PC, Cell Phone or iPad (Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge) (Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge) (Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge)


80 x 30 x 33 cm


62 Kg.

Control /Monitor System

any PC, Cell phone, or iPad with web base (Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge)

Waterproof Level


Product Installation


UL (E190582) CSA (LR 112971 Level 3)

Humidity /Operational Temperature

5%-80% / - -40 ~ +65

Antenna Type / Gain

Directional Antenna / Omni Antennas

Antenna Gain

Standard 14-18dBi (Three Bands in One Directional Antenna, Size 745*180*80mm)

Omni 900mm Long 3-8dBi Gain

Intelligent Monitor System: Internet Remote Control System

1.      Type cloud server Http://.XXX.XXX.X.X... On any PC, cell phone or Ipad to login Intelligent monitors system

2. Click Monitor Icon… show all jammer units.. Click Jammer Online unit

3. Click Jammer online unit.. show all bands information … it can adjust all output power, ON/OFF each band… or Switch all ON/ all OFF setting below (one unit max 10 bands / modules)

Antennas Specification:

900mm Omni Antennas for Drone Jammer

Electrical Specifications:

Frequency Range

431-435MHz 865-930MHz 1170-1381MHz 1570-1620Mhz 2400-2500MHz 5700-5950MHz


3±1dBi /6±1dBi /6±1dBi /6±1dBi /6±1dBi /8±1dBi





Horizontal Beamwidth(0º)


Vertical Beamwidth(0º)

55±5º /25±5º /25±5º /25±5º /25±5º /18±5º



Input ImpedanceΩ


Maximum input power(W)


Input connector type


Lightning Protection

DC Ground

MECHANICAL Specifications

Dimensions ­mm(Height/Width/Depth)


Packing size(mm)


Antenna weight(kg)


Rated Wind Velocitym/s)


Operational Humidity()

10- 95

Radome Color


Radome material


Operating temperature(ºC)

-3070 º

Installution Method

Pole Mounting

Mounting hardware(mm)



Frequency Range-------------------------     1570-1620MHz/2400-2500MHz/5100-5900MHz

Impedance----------------------------------     50 Ohm

VSWR----------------------------------------     ≤1.5

Gain-------------------------------------------     14dBi (1570-1620MHz):16 dBi (2400-2500MHz)

18 dBi (5100-5900MHz)

Front to Back Ratio-----------------------     >24dB

Polarization---------------------------------      ±45°

Horizontal 3dB Beam Width------------     (1570-1620):90°  (2400-2500):90°


Vertical 3dB Beam Width---------------     (1570-1620):15°  (2400-2500):15°


Maximum Input Power-------------------     200W

Lightning Protection------------------------     Direct Ground

Connector Place---------------------------     Bottom

Connector-----------------------------------     N-Female


Dimensions(L/W/D)-------------------------     745*180*80mm

Weight------------------------------------------     4.0 kg

Rated Wind Velocity------------------------     60m/s

Operating Temperature--------------------     -40℃-60℃

Mounting Hardware-------------------------     Ø50-Ø75mm

Radiating Element Material---------------      Zinc  Alloy、Aluminum Alloy

Reflector Material---------------------------      Aluminum Alloy

Radome Material----------------------------      PVC

Radome Color--------------------------------     Gray